Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Selecta Choco Hazelnut Brownie is a downer

To "celebrate" my being home again, I treated my three not-so-little darlings with ice cream yesterday afternoon. In our household, when the "boss" is not around, we only eat choco-flavored ice creams. I'm a self-confessed choco-addict. And I only eat choco-flavored ice creams. Anything, for as long as it's choco-flavored. When something new comes out in the market, for as long as it's chocolatey, we try it out.

And so, for yesterday's fix, I grabbed a half-galloon Selecta Choco Hazelnut Brownie. The photo seemed so enticing - with real hazelnuts, chocolate chunks and brownies. Hmmm. My mind was all on the ice cream as I was lining up to pay. Good thing, it was a Monday afternoon and not too many people were shopping at SM North's Hypermarket. I couldn't wait to get home and partake of the find with my children. My kids were all as excited as they opened the can. Chunks of brownies greeted us at first glance. Seems yummy indeed. Real chunks of delectable brownies. But after a few spoons, I still didn't find hazelnuts and choco chunks. Maybe I didn't eat enough servings? Or maybe not.

My verdict: Selecta Choco Hazelnut Brownie is a downer. Very Rocky Road tastes better and it's even cheaper. Next time, I'll probably try the latest Magnolia choco-flavored offering.

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