Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wow, Philippines!

Sunset at Jotay's Beach Resort in Santa Ana, Cagayan, North.

A HAVEN in the Pacific Ocean. Ben and me at Anguib beach in Santa Ana, Cagayan North. A haven for nature lovers, Anguib is definitely comparable to Boracay (and more beautiful than Puerto Galera). I won't be surprised if in a few years tme, Angib becomes the next tourist destination. I hope the LGU of Santa Ana will be able to preserve this haven. There is no resort yet in this area and is only reachable by boat (about 15min ride). No inhabitants nearby, making it a very ideal place for relaxation sans the worries of losing your belongings or being at the receiving end of curious eyes. There are lots of spaces for pitching tents though and I swear I will do that the next time I go back. Anguib beach is truly amazing and a treat of a lifetime for those seeking refuge from the city jungle life of Manila. It is a wonderful gift from God.