Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Purpose Driven Congress

THIS IS THE DAY that the LORD has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!

I came home a bit tired today but definitely joyful. I started the day a bit early (for a Saturday, that is - smile, smile). Since Kata joined CBN Asia as VP for Production, we had to move our cell from Mondays to Saturdays. Better for all of us actually, since weekdays are just crazy -- all of us in the cell being working moms. Anyway, after our cell, I had to run to Makati to record our radio plug for the upcoming Purpose Driven Congress with Dr. Rick Warren himself.. (Plug: Ultra, July 25-26, 8:00am to 5pm) Yes, God has a great plan indeed for the Philippines! He has brought Dr. Warren here to talk about The PEACE Plan, a global movement that challenges Christians to shift paradigm from being "spectators to participators."

Dr. Warren's visit is very timely, falling at a time when the country faces so many challenges. We are praying that Dr. Warren's visit could somehow pave the way for healing of wounds and for reconciliation especially among our Christian leaders.

But let me go back a bit to our prayer cell. I praise God for Bobbie and Kata, and of course our ever-energetic cell leader Estela. They have always been my faithful prayer partners and encouragers.

We had a wonderful time together catching up after a long break in our cell. As usual, all of us are busy but always under the grace and mercy of God. It's so amazing how God is so patient with each one of us. I will write another blog on some important things the Lord has revealed to me this morning. I just wana share with my joy for God's grace this day. Indeed, this is a special day. I am weary but my soul sings.

I have so much to thank God for, for this day. Not that I run out of it on other days. But this day is special, I just know it. Today, I have received so much blessings from the Lord and a great promise. I am excited of what may happen next week. In our prayer time today, we prayed for each other and for all our endeavors next week. Kata is leaving for Thailand and Bobbie is leaving for Palawan. I am not leaving but I know I will only survive next couple of weeks by God's grace. Since I got on board the Purpose Driven Congress late last week, I've been so busy. But excited and honored at the same time. I can never thank God enough that even though I am a broken vessel, He chose me to do some work for Him. I took the job not because of Rick Warren (of course, it is an honor to work with God's annointed) but primarily because of what this Congress can bring to our nation.

Praise Report
I thank God for Bro. Eddie who has always been supportive in everything I do even though I am no longer so active in Bangon. He has agreed to guest some organizers of the Purpose Driven Congress in Diyos at Bayan.

I thank God for Pastor Dong, who has always believed in my capabilities, for getting me on board the Purpose Driven Congress. (and who promised to get supporters to bless me - smile, smile!)

I thank God for Kata who, aside from faithfully praying for me and encouraging me, has always been willing to help out. She has agreed to help plug the Purpose Driven Congress in CBN Asia's programs.

I thank God for CEMG, Ed and Maris especially, and Greg of course, as well as Alexis, for all their support. CEMG is helping me out in the marketing and creatives for the Congress, along with Benjo and his team (who do creatives for GCF-Makati for the love of God). Ed, despite his very busy schedule, took the time out today to be with me and Greg in recording the radio plug.

May God richly bless these friends for their servant hearts!

I will write more about the PD Congress soon. May we all bask in God's faithfulness and love! :)