Thursday, May 15, 2008

ATTENTION, NTC! Revoke Sun Cell's license!

We recently got a family pack from Sun cellular after reading their ad. P999/month for three phones. Not a bad deal. (Or so we thought.) With post-paid phones, we no longer have to perennially worry about loading our children's pre-paid phones.

The thought of no charges for Sun-to-Sun calls and texts is not a bad idea at all, especially that more and more friends and business contacts have Sun Cell numbers as well.

The application process was very easy. I only had to present my Smart monthly bill, fill up a form and give reference numbers of people who could attest to my identity. Voila! we got three brand new phones in two days.

Unfortunately, Ben didn't want to shift to Sun. Sofie's old phone broke down and was just excited to get a new phone. The hubby thought Star does not really need a phone so we both ended up getting an extra unit each.

Now almost a month after we got Sun, my and my husband's blood pressure rise everyday. We can hardly call each other. For the very few times that we manage to get through, the signals are either too bad you have to shout or pfft! - the line drops faster than it connects. And text messages get delivered after 48 years.

So much for better network, better value! PANA should revoke the airing of Sun Cell ads. There is definitely no truth to Sun's advertising. Too bad Aga agreed to endorse Sun. I'm sure he's using Smart or Globe.

We will be filing a complaint with the NTC this week. Sun users, unite!

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