Friday, October 05, 2007

Check this out -- 1st Pediatric Eye Clinic in a mall opens at TriNoma

Now busy moms like me won't have any reason to delay the kids' trip to the ophthalmologist/optometrist. Renowned ophthalmologist/optometrist couple Jade and Cynthia del Mundo has opened a new clinic at TriNoma, conveniently located at the second floor MRT entrance. So, you can now have consultations with the country's best ophtha/optometrist in between mall time with the family.

Incidentally, Del Mundo Pediatric & Adult Eye Clinic is the country's first Orthoptic Center. Orthoptics is a relatively new and specific field in eye care that is concerned with the diagnosis and management of double vision, misaligned eyes and the visual problems that result from them. In medical parlance "Orth" means to straighten. So that, Orthoptics is to the eye as Orthopedics is to the bones. In layman's terms, therefore, Orthoptics is the field that specializes in straightening of the eyes. (Read: cross-eyed, etc.)

All our three kids are patients of the Del Mundo Eye Clinic in St. Lukes. We're so glad that we can now bring them to Del Mundo anytime of the week, and even in between malling. At least we don't have to wait for the MWFS sched at the St. Lukes clinic.

The Del Mundos are two of my most-admired specialists. Aside from being godly, they are tops in relating with patients. While most doctors breeze through consultations (as in, parang dinaanan ka lang ng hangin), at Del Mundo they take time explaining to patients their conditions. It's specially good for children because they get 'processed'.

I'm so happy with the development of my kids. All three of them started wearing eye glasses at very young ages (5 to 7 yrs old). Doc Cynthia said eye problems can also be hereditary. Meaning, if you or your husband have eye problems, most likely your kids will also have. Both me and my hubby started wearing eyeglasses at young age (me, grade school). Ergo, all three of our kids inherited the problem.

Interestingly, they have different cases. Ben had astigmatism. Sofia has "accommodation" problem (which means, her eyes can't focus images beyond certain a distance. I'll blog more about this in the future.) Star, on the other hand, has eyes like that of old people. Weird. She's far-sighted and has a grade much higher than mine. Thankfully, Ben and Sofia are now off the eyeglasses although Sofie has to wear "flippers" to address her focus problem.

I learned all these eye chuva from Doc Cynthia. She's so nice to accommodate all my questions. Check out Del Mundo Pediatric Eye Clinic at the 2nd floor of TriNoma. They have free refraction for the first 100 patients. They're also giving big discounts on eye wears.


  1. Hi, I just read your blog about Dr Cynthia Del Mundo. Yes, indeed, she is a very nice person and practical. She has no airs too. I like the discription of the word you used in this blog describing how optometrist and orthoptist work. I am also an Optometrist practising in Singapore. Cynthia visited my clinic while she was in Sg. I hope to visit hers when I go to Manila.
    Kalin from Singapore

  2. is del mundo pediatric and adult eye clicic a maxicare accredited?

    1. Hi. I'm not sure if they are Maxicare accredited. You may contact: 0917-8332552 to inquire.

  3. How much the consultation fee for pediatric ophthalmology specialists?