Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bearers of good news

Fellowship of Christians in Media. (L-R) Kata Inocencio (CBN Asia), Allen Macasaet (Abante), moi, Pastor Ferdie Cabiling (VCF Galleria Senior Pastor), Alex Tinsay (GMA 7), John Consulta (GMA 7), Nona (IFP), Gerry Lirio (Inquirer), Baby Lynn Cacho (FEBC), Carlo Lorenzo (GMA 7) Dody Lacuna (RPN 9), Pastor Rey (VCF Missionary) and Al Pedroche (Ang Pilipino Star Ngayon).

What is the role of Christians in the media? With all the negative things going on in our country, where should the Christian journalist/broadcaster place him or herself? Do you report a bad news even if it comes in conflict with what you believe in? Or do you report a "good" news even if you know it doesn't have editorial value anymore? (like, there's nothing really new being said.) Do you accept that "love gift" even if the intention of the giver is not really "out of love"?

Being in the media can be difficult. Yet, it can be fulfilling. A privilege, to some extent. It can be an opportunity to be a tool for change for the greater good. Standing tall at all times can be a feat that is too good to be true. Like in any other job, there are ups and there are downs.

But being with like-minded people can definitely make the load much lighter. When you share each others burdens, bear with each other, pray for each other and of course, cry and laugh with each other, challenges become easier to hurdle. You become stronger to stand up for what is right at all times because you know you are not alone.

With this in mind, we have started an informal gathering of Christians in media. No religious stuff. Just followers of Jesus (born again, Catholics, protestants) who want to banner righteousness not necessarily by quoting verses from the Bible but really, by walking the talk.

Media plays a very crucial role in our society. We know how powerful media is. But as SpiderMan says (thanks to John Consulta for the reminder) -- With great power comes great responsibility.

And so let this blog be a trumpet call to all media practitioners out there -- if you are looking for like-minded people, feel free to join us every Saturday 8am to 12nn. Place of "fellowship" may vary so please PM me.

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