Thursday, September 14, 2006

Endless sufferings...a letter to a friend

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Few days ago, I got an email from a friend asking for prayers for her and her beleaguered husband, a mayor of a town up north. The couple has been through a lot. They used to live quite a comfortable life in Manila until the hubby accepted his town's call of duty and gave up an otherwise well-paying and stable job. The wife, my friend P, supported her husband's decision. In contrast to many mayors I know, the couple live a very simple lifestyle and I truly admired them for that.

In a country where corruption of many kinds is so entrenched, people who remain humble despite their high positions are truly gems. I can see that my friend's husband is driven by nothing but his earnest desire to serve their town. He had a choice to earn more in Manila and give a better life to his family. (Considering they have eight kids!) Yet, he chose to serve his town. Earlier this year, I've helped the couple promote their town. Gratis et amore, for the love of God and country. Truly, when you see the place, you can only praise God and His magnificient work! It's a paradise waiting to be discovered.

I am not the kind who shares personal letters but my friend P distributed my letter to "kingdom come" so I might as well share it with the rest of the world. I pray that whoever reads this will also be encouraged.

For as long as we are in this world, sufferings can always be expected. But may we be encouraged with the examples set by those ahead of us and rest assured that we have a great God who loves us dearly.

Dear Mayora,

I just wana share this with you. (Reflections) I wrote this a long time ago when I was going through a lot. I know how you are suffering because of what others are doing to you and Mayor V. But may you always remember that God works for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose. Mahal ka ng Dyos, day. (God loves you, sister.) He doesn't give us anything we can't bear. It's hard, I know. But think about the great men in the Bible -- Joseph the dreamer, Job, David and of course, Jesus, among many others.

Joseph was sold by his own brothers because they envied him. But later on, Joseph rose to become the "side-kick" of Egypt's Pharaoh. Because of his position, God used him to save Israel from famine. Joseph told his brothers later, "you meant it for evil but God meant it for good."

Think about Job. He loved God with all of his heart. In the whole of Israel, there was none like Job. Yet, God allowed all bad things to happen to him and was able to test the heart of Job. No matter what happened to him, Job loved God. But Job did question God. Hindi naman bawal to question God. But we should not keep our eyes off Him, who created everything. In the end, God blessed Job more. Job became more richer and more influential. But all because he endured the test.

David is my favorite man of God. He fell into sin many times. Yet, he always wanted to please God and truly repented everytime he sinned. God tested David many times and even punished David for his sins. But in the end, God saw that David loved Him. God even called David "a man after My own heart." David's reward is ever lasting. Jesus' humanity (Mama Mary) came from the house of David. Wagi ang Lolo David, our Savior came from his descendants. All because David loved and trusted God.

Jesus is the Son of God. He could have done whatever He wished because He is God. Yet, He suffered every human pain possible to set an example for us.

I always pray for you and Mayor V. You are in a position to change the lives of your kababayans for good. God placed you there for a reason. May God's strength and wisdom be upon you and Mayor V always.

Ayan, seryoso din naman ang lolah mo minsan. Basta always remember, favorite ka ni God that's why He's giving you trials. Kaya mo yan. Just keep your eyes on Him.

your beautiful friend (wag ka nang kumuntra ),


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