Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Politics in the eyes of a child

Here's another one from my daughter Sofia...


Philippine Government
By: Irina Sofia T. Echavez

Do you know how it feels if parents fight and the kids see it? Well, that’s how it feels if the government fights, only much worse!

To me, as a child, I don’t really get it that much. I know that they’re fighting. But, why are they fighting? Everything has a reason. I know that they have a reason but, fighting about it? That’s quite childish!

They can just talk about it can’t they? But fighting isn’t the right thing to do. My mom told me that fighting is bad, that’s why when I fight with my siblings, my mom tells us that we should just talk instead of fighting, and it’s easier to talk about it. Isn’t it?

If you keep fighting it will end up to no good at all! Fighting will never solve anything. I thought that they should really just talk. They aren’t acting right! They are acting foolish. They are acting very childish and not proper for their age. They are adults; they should just talk about it and make sure there is no fighting.

I do fight with my siblings quite a lot, but we will get punished if we do so. They should get punished if they keep fighting.

They probably have children! They are supposed to be good role models right? They should act right to be good role models. I guess that’s why most children fight. They see it on TV or stuff like that. I’m not an adult yet. I’m just saying that fighting won’t solve anything. Talking will be better, much better. It will solve it probably.

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