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Elections in the eyes of a child

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I noticed my daughter Sofia "working" overtime on my laptap while her siblings were watching TV. Curious, I asked if I could take a peek into her folder. She said yes and boy, was I surprised. With her permission, I'm sharing her thoughts here, unedited. She's another journalist in the making. :-) I hope politicians get to read the thoughts from a 10-year-old girl. (Photo credit to REM ZAMORA of Phil. Daily Inquirer.)


Election effects on a child
By: Irina Sofia T. Echavez

Is election good? Does it have effects? Yes. Election is good, because it will help us choose someone to take care of our country. But, did you know it has effects? Of course it does! Especially on a child like me.

It affected me because this summer I’ve only seen my mom for a few weeks. Not only that! It also affects me; because when I watch the news it shows lots of killings just because a certain candidate wants to win.

Killing? They can just talk! And, they even deny it! Killing people is a crime! Then, lying on top of all that! What happened to people today! Can you even find people like President Magsaysay nowadays? No. Of course not! He’s a one-of-a-kind kind of person. I am from this generation but I have heard of the people way back, way before. They have been good candidates! Why can’t the candidates today be like the old ones? No candidate who wants to help the country is desperate to be in that certain position. If a good candidate wants to help the country they will certainly not kill. They will try to talk and run a fair campaign.

Killing is way bad already. They couldn’t possibly be good or godly as they think they are. If you think it is easy picking candidates, well guess again buddy! I’m not interested in politics and I don’t know much about politics either but I know that good politicians are definitely hard to find! Most politicians are corrupt. You do not know how corrupt they possibly can be.

Anyway, politicians try to “capture” the votes. What do I mean by that? Well, they try to make the voters think they’re perfect for the positions so they can take over the certain place. It’s like a talent show. Whoever gets the loudest claps is the winner.

Good politicians are hard to find because most are corrupt. Actually, it isn’t the politician that’s corrupt; it is what they are thinking.

If you think of bad stuff, then what you do is bad. If you think of something good then so is what you are doing. If you think of such stuff, then such stuff will be what you do. It is hard to know if a person is bad or good unless you’ve actually seen them in action. It’s like you think someone’s your friend but, then they are actually enemies. It’s like in Spiderman 3. Peter Parker (Spiderman) thinks Harry Osborne (New Goblin) is his friend, but then actually he was just tricking Peter. See, in politics it’s like that. You think someone’s good but then they’re actually someone bad who’s just acting like a good person just so they can get you to vote them.

Here’s another bad thing about politics, there are some people in the COMELEC who somehow deleted some voter, and then said they didn’t. Lying isn’t right, we all know that. You can just say that you deleted it and then just put it back again, and tell them that you put it back so they can vote again! Come on people! Deleting someone from “the list” is bad enough! Then lying on top of that makes it much worse! If they think they can just get away with it, well they are wrong, very wrong! God can see them doing it! I mean He can see everything! Even if we can’t see Him, He can see us. Even if they already know that, they should know that it is bad. Lots of people want to vote. Don’t they know that? They probably know that already! They are adults already they have to know what’s bad and what’s not! If they say they don’t, let’s just say that they’re just all children living in adult’s bodies. First, they delete people from “the list”. Then, they lie. They aren’t acting like themselves. They aren’t acting like adults, they are acting childish, aren’t acting there age.

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