Saturday, March 22, 2008

Travelling again

"Travelling puts you in a heightened state of awareness. It stimulates your brain and makes you call up all your intellectual, spiritual and physical resources. Journeys are necessary for human beings; otherwise we stagnate. Change is essential for everyone, and travelling presents a high rate of change." - By the canadian writer Lynne Shuttleworth.

In the journey called life, you sometimes come to a point of exhaustion that you just want to stay still and ponder -- where I am really heading? I am taking the right direction? Should I rest? Or should I move on?

Knowing where you are heading makes the journey much easier. Yet, sometimes, taking a free fall can be more exciting. Knowing that Someone up there cares for you, and depending on Him alone, can make your journey more meaningful.

In less than two weeks, I will be travelling again. Travel has become a therapy for me. Most of the time, it brings me to new, unfamiliar places. Yet, it makes me appreciate home all the more.

Someone says travel is a means of escaping from the worries and burdens of everyday life. For a moment, you leave behind the bothersome realities in life. You discover new things and gain a wider perspective of the world. Life, after all, does not revolve around you. Yet, the more you go further, the more you realize what is more important to you.

Almost everytime I travel, I leave behind the most important gifts God has bestowed on me -- my family. I see new places and gain more insights of the world beyond my own. For a moment, I enjoy it. Being on my own, meeting new people, experiencing new culture, learning new things I would not have known had I not taken the opportunities the Greatest Giver of all opened up for me.

And yet, as I travel, the more He makes me realize that home is still the best gift of all.

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