Friday, August 25, 2006

Please pray for a friend

The Road Less Traveled
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"The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day..."
Proverbs 4:18

God has been moving in truly amazing ways in my life the past two years. I've probably never faced too many challenges in my life than in these past two years. Yet, it is also during these times that I've come to a deeper understanding of God and His plans for my life.

Amidst my brokenness, God showed me His grace and mercies. I will share some of them in the future but one of the greatest blessings I truly treasure is working with great men and women of God. People whose lives speak so strongly of the Gospel because you can truly see Jesus in them. One such particular person I'm working with now is Kaka Constantino, whose 180 degree turn-around is a testament to how God can change hearts of stone. Truly nothing is impossible with God.

You see, Kaka is no ordinary convert. A former communist leader, he was involved in the "purging" of the Communist Party of the Philippines in the '80s. Hundreds, if not thousands, died in that so-called cleansing process. Kaka is such an idealist. He always have been. That is probably why he was easily convinced to join the underground movement. But God has other plans for him, greater plans to use him in our country. His story came out in the Inquirer not too long ago so I will no longer write about it.

Now an elder at the Greenhills Christian Fellowship-South Metro, Kaka has been asked to head the local initiatives of the PEACE Plan, a global movement started by another great man of God, Rick Warren. Only the other day, Kaka confided that he is inclined to accept the challenge on a full-time basis. That would mean leaving his job as COO of an engineering company. Whew! Great leap of faith, indeed.

But when God assigns great tasks to people, you can always expect the enemy to lurk nearby. Last night, Kaka was rushed to the hospital for a heart condition. Doctors also found fluids in his lungs. I'd like to ask each one to pray for Kaka's fast recovery. Also pray for God's divine comfort and encouragement upon him. Pray, too, that God will bless the PEACE Plan and use it in transforming this nation into a great nation of God. And please don't forget to tell others to pray for Kaka, too.


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