Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Judging others

I used to be one very cynical person. Biased. Judgmental. Self-righteous. How I would easily see the mistakes of others yet overlooked mine. I would always find all the reasons in the world to justify my actions yet so quick to criticize others for the slightest mistakes. But God put conviction in my heart and opened my eyes to my own brokenness. If Jesus, the Son of God, laid down His own life to save us from our sins, what right do we have to judge others? Yet, it is easier said than done.

And so, can you imagine my dilemma when I was asked to help someone I had so much bias against? This person, I learned earlier this year, started attending our church about three years ago. When she gave a testimony on her renewal, I got so excited I shared it right away with my former editor. In our church, sinners of all kinds, shapes and colors come. It is no longer strange to see political enemies coming together in a Bible study -- situations one can never imagine outside the church setting. But being asked to help someone who was not exactly my favorite public official is something else. Do I really want to help her? But why not?

I must admit, it was a struggle. I didn't say yes right away but asked for a few days to pray about it. In my reflections, God reminded me of the story about the woman by the well. Jesus knew exactly who she was. Yet, He never had any qualms relating with her, or with the tax collector, or so many other "sinners" in the Biblical times. He never judged us for our many mistakes. Otherwise, we would have long been gone on this earth. Who are we, then, that we should judge others?

God has been so good to me. I've been the worse of sinners. But in His grace and mercy, He took me out of the slimy pit and cleansed me by His own blood. The thought of His mercies in my life made it easier for me to decide. Yes, I will help her. I no longer care if people judge me for my decision. My only motivation is to obey His will in my life and do the purpose for which He has called me.

Read on and be encouraged with what God is doing in the lives of our public officials. (Full story: Ninoy sister finds renewal,forgiveness)

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