Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Memories of you

(photo by Noe Carillo)

There are moments when loneliness suddenly creeps in like an unwelcome guest. Sunday was one such moment.

As Star and I were walking through The Block, I caught a glimpse of Aristocrat on the third floor. Suddenly, memories of my last meal with my father flashed back, bringing a tinge of pain in my heart. It was a simple but special meal. He flew in the day before just to celebrate my birthday with us. Serendipitously, as far as I can remember, it was the only birthday I had spent with my father in my whole life.

I mumbled to Star how I feel sad everytime I walk by that part of SM North Edsa. But this wonder girl from you-don't-know-where, replied, "Memories of the people you love are worth more than millions and millions of kilometers of gold." With that, this 9-year-old turning-30 girl said I should be happy to see where I spent my last memorable meal with my father. Come to think of it...

Star is right. Memories of our loved-ones are worth more than all the golds in the world. As we commemorate All Souls day in a few days, may we lovingly honor our beloved who have moved on ahead of us.

But more importantly, may we try harder every day to show the people we love how much we value them while they are still with us.

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  1. Hi mader...
    Yes I still feel pangs of pain and emptiness whenever I remember times spent with my mother. She passed away three years ago due to breast cancer.