Sunday, February 25, 2007

God is good all the time!

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.-- Hebrews 1:11

After three long months of waiting, we finally got the results of the tests Star and I had in Hongkong. And it's not so good. For those who just stumbled into my blog, our youngest daughter had nose bleeding episodes since she was a baby. Last year, it became so frequent (almost daily) and after many trips to different doctors we finally found a hematologist who told us that our daughter might have Von Willebrand's Disease. VWD is a hereditary bleeding disorder similar to hemophilia. Though considered the most common bleeding disorder, it happens to about one in three million.

As you probably guessed by now, the results showed that both me and my daughter have VWD (Type 2M). While only my daughter was advised to take the tests, the doctor in Hongkong decided test me as well since VWD is hereditary.

We were advised to go back to Hongkong for new tests as well as for treatment. Since it's hereditary (which was likely the cause of my mother's death at 51), my husband and I are praying to be able to have our two other kids tested soon.

The results came at a time when things seemed to be so quiet. So quiet for comfort, in fact, that I had a feeling something was on the way. And because of that, I had been "negotiating" with the Lord the past few weeks not to make it so hard. Really, when things become quite comfortable, I get uneasy because I know the Lord is just preparing to take us to another level.

We've been through a lot to still doubt God's faithfulness. He is our Jehovah Jireh who provides for all our needs. He is our Jehovah Rapha, our Healer. And while it's a bit prohibitive for us, on a human point of view, to be perennially going abroad for treatments, we never doubt He will provide for us in whatever way He wills -- including divine healing. Nothing is impossible with Him.

It's such a comfort (and a privilege as well) to hear from a great man of God, Rev. Abu Bako, who recently came to give exhortation on the mandate of Christians in nation building. As Christians (and therefore God's representatives), Rev. Abu said, we should do what God mandated man to do -- have complete authority over the earth.(Genesis 1:26)

So what's the connection between nation building and our disease, you might wonder?

Well, being parents to three premature kids who are always in and out of the hospital, my husband and I have been lamenting how bad our health system is. Even government hospitals can be prohibitive for people who are earning minimum wages.

When we were told our daughter might have VWD, we found out that even the best hospitals in the country don't have facilities to diagnose or treat VWD patients. Even our supposed National Hemophilia Center can't diagnose VWD. Which brings to the point, what if those afflicted can't afford to go abroad for treatment or even diagnosis? Will they just die, like my mother?

I'm sure God allowed this to happen to our family for a good reason. It might not be His perfect will for us, but maybe He is looking for people He could use. Star's hematologist said we should start to lobby with the government that facilities for VWD be made available here. We're praying for God's guidance on this. Whatever it is, may His will be done.

When He allows us to face challenges, He also gives us strength to carry on. Thank God for gifting us with very supportive families and friends who've been faithfully walking with us. As I've said over and over, we wouldn't have survived if not for the prayers and support of the people around us.

Surely, God has planned to prosper us and not to harm us, plans to give us hope a future.

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